Tactile Exhibition

Tactile was a day-long lecture series and corresponding art show that I co-curated with Mark Andrew Buenafe.

Design Challenge: We aimed to explore the idea that the boundaries of what is traditionally considered “graphic design” are becoming increasingly blurred. That the division between art, design, illustration, architecture, and new media are dissolving. That graphic design is the invisible thread through these diverse practices.

Target Audience: Graphic design students

The Solution: We created a series of  tactile type explorations that resulted in the identity system for the lecture series and art show. With a loose color and typeface guidelines we experimented with a variety of dimensional ways to communicate and document our message, including a large scale type installation.

For the art show, We invited students to submit any work they had created that produced something tactile – this could be through output or through process. The result was a diverse showing, no two mediums were the same, ranging from paper to live performances.